Triple A Appliance has quick response times and honest repair advice. Randy brings years of service into your home and is knowledgeable about repairs. I trust Randy's judgement concerning repair and replacement of aging appliances. I have been a happy customer for 10 years and refer friends to with him confidence that they will be taken care of in a fair and timely manner.


As a property management company office manager, I schedule the maintenance service calls and have used AAA Appliance Service many times. Randy Howard has always been honest, knowledgeable, and totally trustworthy in all areas of his business. I would gladly recommend him and his service to any who would inquire.

– GWEN –

My dishwasher dying a quiet, sudden death the day before Thanksgiving was not amusing. In fact, quite the opposite. Hours before 19 people arrived at my house (for the most extravagant meal of the year) my dishwasher went D.O.A. and transformed into nothing more than an expensive kitchen paperweight...not funny.
Here is a random factoid you may not know – did you know the week before Thanksgiving is one of the busiest weeks for appliance repair professionals? I didn’t. You see, the above household scenario happened to me, the day before Thanksgiving, which is why I know that interesting little fact.
When potential appliance disaster looms, you want to know an appliance repair professional that you can count on. That person, who stays in my smart phone contact list, is Randy Howard. When Randy came to my house that very morning of the dishwasher death, he advised me it would be more expensive to repair the dishwasher than it would be to replace it. He had many other repairs to do that day, and his schedule was packed. Maybe it was the bead of sweat on my upper lip, the shrieking sobs, or deluge of tears, but when I asked Randy if I could buy a new dishwasher that very day, could he please install? He warned me it would be late in the evening, but he would certainly try. Well, try he did, and working late into the evening, I was the proud owner of a functioning dishwasher. Randy Howard is the consummate professional, and the only appliance repair person I recommend.


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